Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Valentin Loellmann

Valentin Loellmann

He is treating materials like living organisms in his work. for example, a piece of wood is not mere material substance. in his creative vision and practice, it represents the opportunity to merge with other elements. the fusion of the various components stamps the final work pieces with its unique character.

In the act of artistic creation, he likes to think of his pieces as 'being born’. and naturally, every child is different. this difference accounts for the variety of processes and forms in which manifold materials might join together. the general shape and the unique finish of his furniture are of an expressive nature. objects adopt their own gestures and mimics. this expression finds its roots in his relationship with the environment. he handles those materials in a rather free creative spirit, using craftsmanship techniques that are performed by his most inner and personal dispositions. like a child inherits many characteristics and behaviors from its parents, my collections and pieces reveal a big part of him.

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