Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Contemporary furniture gallery in Paris 3eme

Contemporary furniture gallery in Paris 3eme

Art gallery in Le Marais, Paris, specialised in designers furniture and decorative pieces. Great design exhibitions and contemporary furniture store in Paris.

If you are interested in designer furniture, visit the Gosserez Gallery. This art gallery organises many exhibitions dedicated to contemporary furniture designers. The gallery also proposes a store where you can buy modern designer furniture in Paris and also decorative pieces to give a unique look at your house. All the details are on uk.galeriegosserez.com.

Furniture designers : Gallery Gosserez showroom Paris city center
Modern designer furniture in Paris
Modern designer furniture with design objects France
Contemporary furniture gallery at Gosserez Gallery Paris city center
Modern designer furniture in Paris city center
Art gallery : buy design furniture in Paris 3eme

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Design gallery Paris

If you are interested in designers furniture, visit the Gosserez Gallery in Le Maris, Paris : Modern designer furniture and Art exhibition or Furniture designers
During your stay in France, visit the Gosserez Art Galley : a design gallery in Paris specialised in contemporary furniture.

Design gallery of contemporary furniture Paris city center and also Design gallery : pieces of furniture in limited edition France or Art exhibition : Gallery Gosserez showroom Paris

Contemporary furniture Paris

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