Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Witch's eye mirror "Zulu" Piergil Fourquié

Witch's eye mirror Witch's eye mirror

Witch's eye mirror "Zulu" Piergil Fourquié



"ZULU" draws its inspiration from the famous witch’s eye mirrors, highly popular in the 50s. Here revamped, the sun gets eclipsed by a reflective black surface, sculpted and polished in a rare stone -the Armenian obsidian- born from the sides of Mount Ararat. Surrounding it, a silkscreened metal disk gives the illusion that a source of light has been concealed, and creates a golden halo.The pattern, unifying thread of the TRIBE exhibition, is composed of a multitude of small squares, some discernible, others less so, which appear to shimmer depending on the light.



DIMENSIONS : D 49,5 cm


MATERIALS : Silkscreened aluminium, obsidian

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