Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Wardrobe "Exo" Gregoire de Lafforest

Side wardrobe Back wardrobe
Front wardrobe, doors opened Details : handles
Interior wardrobe, hanging shelves Interior details, furniture with drawers, hanging shelves
Assembly, door, hinges, structure in black patina metal Front wardrobe with closed doors, workshop staging

Wardrobe "Exo" Gregoire de Lafforest




The wardrobe as a suspension.

A heavy and minimalist monolith that seems to float, like it is in levitation. An exoskeleton that surrounds it and contrasts with it, empty and complex at the same time. The wardrobe, block of pure wood is set like a jewel.
Like Fabrice Le Nezet’s works, it defies gravity.


(Reference : Fabrice le Nezet, 754 kilograms, 2012)



DIMENSIONS : H: 212 cm - W: 131 cm - D: 85 cm


MATERIALS : European walnut and black patina metal


Edition Galerie Gosserez, limited to 12 pieces + 1 prototype.



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