Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Wall light "01" Daphna Laurens

Wall light Wallpaper Cadogan Sloane Street appartment in London

Wall light "01" Daphna Laurens



The two designers tested their ideas by playing with this elementary shape for months in their studio in Eindhoven thus producing their preliminary drawings. Basic forms and lines inspired them. Bauhaus was of course one of their sources of inspiration, and Laszlo Moholy Nagy in particular inspired the wall lights.
Daphna Laurens wanted to create a wall light which was an art piece during the day when not lit, and of course a functional wall light once switched on.
This double formal and functional language best characterises the two designers incidentally. Their pieces do not immediately reveal the function of the object. The form comes first, through the design, the function is second.



DIMENSIONS: H: 70 cm - W: 80 cm


MATERIALS: Powder coated aluminium, walnut wood veneer, solid walnut wood


Exclusive design for Galerie Gosserez


The wall lamps 01 and 02 in the magazines Marie-Claire Maison, AD and Maison Française.


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