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Sacha Walckhoff director artistic Christian Lacroix Vase N4 Sacha Walckhoff

Vase N4 Sacha Walckhoff



Sacha Walckhoff’s Bulls traverse these vases in the same way their creator crosses the borders of art and craftsmanship. With the tranquil force of intuition, a refusal to expose himself entirely to the limelight and a deft ability to cut to the heart of purity, the artistic director of Christian Lacroix has a history of expanding his universe beyond just fashion.

Since adolescence, Sacha Walckhoff has been passionate about porcelain, an enthusiasm he has succeeded in incorporating into his table art line for Lacroix. This activity allowed him the opportunity to become acquainted with Ilhavo, the Limoges of Portugal, and the famous workshop of Vista Alegre; a factory celebrated around the world for their biscuit work and preserved traditional ‘hand-painted’ method. 

Delighted by their collaboration, the Portuguese manufacture invited the artistic director to do a personal project. Walckhoff had been inspired by a sculptor of a bull that he had crossed in the 19th century founded factory, prompting him to let his pencil follow Ariadne ‘s thread to the Minotaur.

The bull, an embodiment of strength and divine nature, has been a subject of inspiration since man became ‘painter’ in Paleolithic caves. Loyal to his own approach to design, Sacha Walckhoff manifests, with a wink of surrealism, these creatures to emerge from an everyday object.

Passing through the vase like the Cretan myth guarding his labyrinth, these animals do not impose a menacing virility, nor the dramatic tension that electrifies an arena. The muscles bulge and the horns are sharp, but the stance is noble and benevolent, haloed in bucolic eccentricity. Blood red and black mourning dresses are absent from the bull’s bright eyes, wet pink nose and spotted or ivory graphite hides that project across the vase in some cases. Sometimes it seems as if the beast would like to extract himself from the material. Sometimes he seems to serenely stand guard, camouflaging half his body as if to preserve the myth. Contemplative or in movement, these ceramic beasts represent creative energy nourished by sober ardor, much like the reconciled Nordic sensibility and Latin energy embodied in Sacha Walckhoff.




DIMENSIONS: H: 32,5 cm - W: 30 cm


MATERIALS: porcelain


Unique piece.




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