Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Vase "Blocks" Eric Jourdan

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Vase Vase
Vase Eric Jourdan Le Monde design

Vase "Blocks" Eric Jourdan



«The vases presented here result from the same construction method as for the "Promenade" console and the furniture "Tour Miroir" except that the relationship with volume is linked even more to the structure.
I did not actually want to design vases…. I assume the idea of constructing buildings corresponding with each other, with their concrete walls, their overhanging mouldings and curves protruding from the framework. The language is poles apart from the world of ceramics by choice: the references are clearly closer to Marcel Breuer’s Whitney Museum than Sèvres porcelain », Eric Jourdan.




MATERIAL: ceramic


Limited edition of 15 by model for Galerie Gosserez + 2 prototypes


The vases Blocks in the magazines Next Libération, Paris Capitale and Icon.


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