Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Textile sculpture "Accumulation II" Simone Pheulpin

Textile sculpture - in situ

Textile sculpture "Accumulation II" Simone Pheulpin



Using this fabric which nourishes, permeates, and guides the most masterful of movements, Simone Pheulpin knows how draw away all the while magnificently becoming one with the work which she forms more than sculpts. With almost nothing, a piece of cotton and a few pieces of metal, she builds new worlds inhabited by cliffs and rifts, shards of rock, marvelous coral banks, and curious fossils…crossing sky and sea, bringing strange rugged terrains into being. Eclipse X is one of these unique objects, born of a recreated nature, like a piece of a faraway, yet vaguely familiar planet. A simple compression of fabric, an essential relief from a past era that the artist strives to rediscover, the work suddenly materializes and towers as if to better defy eternity. A textile concretion which uses strips of non-bleached muslin, shaped by evenly and densely stacking thin folds held together on their undersides simply by pins. This technique is seamless and uses no glue, only the hand’s movement. On the one side, there is the natural cotton from the Vosges once used in the making of automobile tires and on the other, simple metal pins which the artist builds into expert yet always instinctive constructions and strange geologic shapes.



MATERIALS: Strips of non bleached muslin           


DIMENSIONS: H 19 x W 33 cm /  H 7,48 x W 12,99 inches


Unique piece


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