Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Table "Liga" Elise Gabriel

Table Table

Table "Liga" Elise Gabriel



The chairs and the table from the series « Liga» (referring to « Links » in French) illustrate the robustness and rigidity of Zelfo. In those limited editions of pieces, Zelfo is used to assemble and solidify 3-dimension structures that are both strong and complex. Their organical aspect, made of rounded shapes, archs and knots, results directly from their construction method.
Starting from a fragile pre-assembled skeleton made of light wood, 6 strong knots for colourful Zelfo, retracting as they dry like in an original Embrace, literally ossify the structure. The sticks of wood cross each other and seem to melt into one another, allowing them to raise and support a table top or a seat.


DIMENSIONS: H: 76 cm - D: 100 cm

MATERIALS: Beech wood and Zelfo (bespoke color)


Limited edition Galerie Gosserez of 20 pieces.


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