Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Table-lamp "Cahute" Piergil Fourquié

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Kwadrat fabric design Piergil Fourquié Galerie Gosserez
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Table-lamp "Cahute" Piergil Fourquié



« I keep exploring the concept of micro-architectures, in order to create shapes, that, if enlarged, would form buildings or landscapes. Here the small lanterns could be a character, telling a story inside a theater, as represented by the main structure" Piergil Fourquié.
A "Cahute" is a small house made of light and motley materials.
This light micro-architecture consists of coloured metal structure topped by a roof made of felt with visible sewings, below which a small lantern can be placed. Cahute is a project that calls upon our childhood imaginary.
The metallic structure can also be used as a side table, for instance to lay down one’s latest readings. It symbolizes a place of meditation and thoughtfulness.
The small lamp is magnetized and movable. It can be positioned as need arises and also in order to adjust the lighting. The shape of the lantern is inspired from Amerindian calumets that used to be smoked to mark renewed peace between warring tribes.



DIMENSIONS: H: 50 cm - W: 30 cm - D: 40 cm


MATERIALS: Lacquered steel and Kvadrat felt.


COLORS: orange, grey or blue


Edition Galerie Gosserez limited to 15 pieces + 1 prototype.


The "Cahute" table-lamp in the magazines Le Figaro et vous and Maison Française.



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