Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Table "Blocks" Valentin Loellmann

Table Table

Table "Blocks" Valentin Loellmann



The collection «Blocks» has emerged from building bases carrying roundish shaped tabletops by simply placing bricks on top of each other. Inspired by its very definition, the possibilities of arranging and the constant play of contrasts, this collection uses hard and soft material as well as squared and round shapes in combination with each other. The aim was to recreate the basic shape of a brick within an exceptional material for its conception. Metal blocksare welded and plated with copper or brass to imprint a bright and shiny appearance to it.Stacked with some space in between each other, resulting in a solid but still open construction and spurring a play of light and reflection, the blocks are assembled to form a foot carrying the large metal plate molded around a wooden top with no single edge remaining. Binding both and combining two different rhythms this plate is hidden underneath and reflecting a warm glow towards the floor. It is only visible at the margins where a contrasting line merges the metal and the wood. The top has a soft, pleasing surface, consisting of oak that is charred to black, then sanded, waxed and polished until fine grains and the gold of oak just barely reappear.




MATERIALS: Coopered metal, charred oak


Unique Piece







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