Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Stool "Fall/Winter" Valentin Loellmann

Stool Stool
Stool Stool
wengé stool wengé stool

Stool "Fall/Winter" Valentin Loellmann



The collection "Fall/Winter" from the German designer Valentin Loellmann consists of furniture with different dimensions, functions and structures: table, desk, bench, stool... Although diverse in size and set-up, all pieces are characterized by a similar working process in which mortise-and-tenon joints are used to connect hazel branches to an oak top. A mixture of sawdust and glue is used to fill and round off these connections, resulting in an esthetic, organic form in which no sharp edges remain. The pieces are burned and treated with wax, after which the top is sanded, polished and treated with oil. The hazel branches, chosen for their strength and straightness, introduce a natural dynamic into the final structure and give each piece a distinct though recognizable character.




MATERIALS: Hazel branches and oak or wengé


Each piece is hand-made, signed, dated and numbered.
Collection created in exclusivity for Galerie Gosserez.


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