Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Stool "Copper" Valentin Loellmann

Copper stool Copper stools and bench

Stool "Copper" Valentin Loellmann



“Converting massive copper plates into elegant, friendly and light creations was main motivation and challenge to the latest pieces. They result in a series of unique objects to use. Thin and slightly bended legs open up into a metal body holding a soft wooden top. Two opposite materials, both technically and sensually different, relate with their contrasts and merge into one piece. The realization refers to the creation of custom fitted clothing – haute couture.Pieces that are constructed by hand from start to finish, with extreme attention to detail, using time-consuming techniques. When thinking about shapes and movement of one piece, one can recognize the simplicity of lines as if drawn with own stroke of a brush. Fine and dynamic lines leaving no sharp edges behind.As working with textile, patterns were cut out of copper plates and stitched together by using welding techniques to create a lining with some parts are left visible and others concealed. Besides gaining stability in the structure, this process leaves each piece with a more unique and personal character rather than just a frozen item.   All surfaces are polished resulting in a soft and pleasant touch as well as a constant play of light and reflections. The appearance is present but remains light and timeless. ” Valentin Loellmann




MATERIALS: Charred oak ans copper


Each piece is unique, signed and dated

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