Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Showcase or sculpture "Les Bulles" Piergil Fourquie

Showcase or sculpture Showcase or sculpture
Showcase or sculpture copyright Michel Bousquet
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Showcase or sculpture "Les Bulles" Piergil Fourquie



A floating glass bell emanating from a stone base (Carrare marble), this individual showcase will welcome your favourite objects into a precious and transparent cocoon. At a stroke, it will also transform into a lovely and original vase.
«The bubbles» collection is inspired by laboratory glassware, tubes, beakers, round-bottom flasks, separatory funnels or Erlenmeyers, to which it gives a new aesthetic and a new life.
"The Bubbles" also explore the theme of miniature landscape and micro-architecture, playing with concepts such as balance, stability and volume. In combining simple and obvious shapes, it sets the stage for fascinating microcosms that are highlighted by the contrasts between the stone base.



DIMENSIONS: Big size 43cm x 25cm
                   Medium size 26cm x 13cm
                   Small size 16cm x 16cm


MATERIALS: white marble and blown glass


Edition Galerie Gosserez limited to 15 pieces for each model.


The Bubbles in the magazines AD and Du Côté de chez vous.




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