Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Shelf "Entre les branches" Julie Pfligersdorffer

Shelf Shelf

Shelf "Entre les branches" Julie Pfligersdorffer



« Discovering a sawmill in Burgundy,I was fascinated by the beauty of huge chunks of wood that were drying in the open. I then had the idea to use those "living" pieces of wood in their raw state, playing with their massive aspect and to accept, even to amplify, the variations that their aging will inevitably provoke", Julie Pfigersdorffer.
The chunk of wood forms the basis of the structure upon which the shelves made of black metal are assembled and welded. These form simple features, like an open hand or lines drawn on a piece of paper. A more global look at the bookshelf instinctively feels like a vegetal, or branches springing from a wooden trunk.
The "hollows" that are formed between these lines project shadow plays and create an immaterial but visible volume, that is an invitation to look the bookshelf and through it.
The four pieces that make this very limited edition have been cut in the same wood trunk, and were hence born out of the same original matrix. However each piece is unique because each piece of wood will take its own unique physiognomy and identity with the passing of time.
The bookshelf has been thought like a sculpture. It can be placed in the centre of a room and looked at from different angles.



DIMENSIONS: H: 200 cm - W: 60 cm - D: 32 cm


MATERIALS: Metal and oakwood


Edition Galerie Gosserez limited to 4 pieces.



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