Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Pedestal table "Taille douce" Thibaud Klepper

Pedestal table Pedestal table
Pedestal table

Pedestal table "Taille douce" Thibaud Klepper



« Granite is not widely used in contemporary furniture. However granite cutters hold a rich know-how in finishing, engraving and cutting techniques. I felt it was interesting to leverage on this know how and to give it some pro eminence by associating it to the concept of these tables", Thibaud Klepper.
Taille douce is a series of three side tables, each one being cut from a single block of black granite. The designs that are engraved on the table tops recall strategy game boards that one can find on tables in public gardens in some countries of Eastern Europe.
This series explores the possibilities offered by granite, playing with different types of finishing : from a leather like finish, to a deep cut that reveals the rugged soul of the black stone, or a soft finish for the table trunk, that gives the stone a dark blue colour.


DIMENSIONS: Coffee table 1: H: 53 cm - D: 45 cm
Coffee table 2 : H: 41 cm - D: 45 cm
Coffee table 3 : H: 46 cm - D: 45 cm


MATERIALS: Indian granite


Edition Galerie Gosserez limited to 12 pieces + 1 prototype for each model.



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