Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Mobile Anne Buscher

Anne Büscher Mobile Anne Büscher Mobile
Anne Büscher Mobile  PAD 2017

Mobile Anne Buscher



Artist Anne Büscher’s work operates on the cutting edge of research, material, craft, and form. Trained as a (jewelry) designer for years, Anne Büscher has experimented with various applications of materials. Her work has a definite fragility and is characterized by a strong focus on the making process. The process of making is a path full of physical experiences and understanding. Each discovery, leading to the next, navigates towards an end result. The glass mobile is a hanging sculpture made from glass and silk. Each mobile is unique and handblown out of her studio in Maastricht. The elements of each mobile vary slightly in weight and form and must be balanced per piece. Moreover, the arrangement is composed of very thin, handblown glass strings bending through gravity, emphasizing the inherent flexibility of glass.


DIMENSIONS: 110 to 130 cm / 43,30 to 51,18 inches


MATERIALS: hand blown glass and pure silk


Unique piece


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