Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Michaelis Maximilian

Michaelis Maximilian

Michaelis Maximilian


" I was born 1984 in a calm and rural surrounding in southern germany. Being raised in this environment promted me early on to have an eye for the inconspicuous things.I studied Industrial design from 2010 to 2014 at the Pforzheim university/faculty of design. In  2014 I moved to Maastricht, NL and founded my own Atelier there.

The basis and inspiration for my work are my feelings, feelings for myself and my surroundings as well as for the society in which we are living. I am constantly observing and reflecting. The analysis of mankind, its systems, thoughts, feelings, the ambiguity of the human being always contribute to my artwork. I want to transfer a thought or a feeling into my artwork, I am not only creating an object, I rather imbue a piece of art with an intangible quality. 

The drawings, sculptures and objects I create evolve from a very concentrated and often repetitive process. An almost meditative act, a sequence which is as much part of the work itself as the feelings and ideas that leave their mark on my pieces. I develop my thoughts into an object or allow them to melt into it. I am always searching for an organic vibrancy in my work, for an aura that is subtle but still present, more to be felt than to be seen. "


Maximilian Michaelis