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Loellmann Valentin

Loellmann Valentin

Loellmann Valentin



Valentin Loellmann was born in Germany ( 1983 ). He grew up in an atmosphere of creativity, or better: shared creativity. Since his childhood, Valentin has been evolving in a family in which the passion for creative expression is a common impulse. This naturally trig­gered in him the awareness for a potentially artistic development.

As a kid, curiosity, the desire to discover, and a special sensibility regarding his surroundings, laid the founda­tions to his creative spirit and ambition. He has carried these qualities on through his personal evolution. They kept influencing his work in different contexts and along different states of mind. An experience, a mood or a feeling in relation with his direct surroundings can be the impetus to create.

Whether perceived as a collector, a dreamer, a wood worker, a designer or an artist, Valentin continuously aim to express the balance and reciprocity between the past and the present, the old and the new, the natural and the artificial.

In 2010, just after graduating from the Academy of fine Arts in Maastricht , Valentin founded his own studio in the center of Maastricht. 

The acclaim of the pieces displayed at art fairs such as Design Miami/Basel , Salone del Mobile Milano, and Pavillion Art and Design - where the Spring-Summer console has been awarded PAD London’s Best Con­temporary Design Piece in 2013 - have also been of great reward and influence. His pieces were exhibited at : Grand-Hornu, MUDAC (Lausanne), STEDELIJK Museum Amsterdam.

These experiences have opened a new spectrum in which reflection on and dedication to the process is almost an end in itself, giving a new impulse to his work.