Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Lamp "The elusive nature of human perception" N2 Maximilian Michaelis

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Lamp Lamp

Lamp "The elusive nature of human perception" N2 Maximilian Michaelis




"The lightobjects created play with our perception, they question our interpretation of what we consider to be reality. What we see and what we make out of it is always elusive and subjective. The appearance of the objects diversifies as the observer circles around it, reflections increase and decrease, appear and disappear. Expectations are fulfilled and denied. As living beings we constantly mingle existing reality with our own perception of it and create a new individual one. The lightobjects can be seen as a visualisation of such thoughts. Individual inner reflection of reality is no less real than actual reality. Just as the reflection of the object itself is just as real as the actual material. Both depend on each other and merge to a coherent whole." Maximilian Michaelis


Dimensions: H 55 x W 39 x D 27 cm / H 21,65 x W 15,35 x D 10,62 inches


Materials: Belgium bluestone, polished stainless steel, acrylic glas, led


Limited edition 12 copies and 2 prototypes

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