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Lamp "Peculiar Attachment" D-Lab



The studio manufactures its own collections, which are produced in very limited editions, with an obvious attention paid to assembling and finishing, through the use of the latest manufacturing techniques (like laser cutting), that emphasizes the tactile quality of the materials used.
D-Lab works concentrate on the use of wood, which is combined with all sorts of materials, to create all sorts of effects, from the rugged to the sophisticated (copper, aluminium, Corian). All pieces share a sense of simplicity, of elegance and precision, without preventing a form of poetry.
The studio excels in creating table lamps, thanks to its mastery of indirect lighting and play on shades, as perfectly illustrated by the two editions of the Peculiar Attachment table lamps. These are composed of wood bases and pieces of lacquered aluminium, assembled into an architectural geometry. The design is structured around a vertical axis, around which plans, volumes and hollows are arranged into a table sculptures. The perfect embodiment of what D-Lab is trying to achieve.



DIMENSIONS: (the pink lamp): H 40 - W: 19 - D 18 cm
(the blue lamp): H 35 - W: 27 - D: 20 cm


MATERIALS: Aluminium, maple, balau base


Limited edition of 12 pieces + 2 prototypes




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