Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Lamp "Les Perchees" Elise Gabriel

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Lamp "Les Perchees" Elise Gabriel




The series « Perchées » (« high up ») explores the lightness, the thinness and the opalescence of Zelfo. Delicately cast as if they were an inflated vellum, a stretched skin or a bunch of wild blossom, their bubbles of light are perched at the top of thin steel rods, planted in a rugged concrete base. The steel structure comes either as a tripod or a basket, opening up plenty of possibilities. The lamps can also be suspended, either alone or in combination.



DIMENSIONS: Basket: H: 31 cm - D: 14 cm
La Perchée Grand modèle: 78 cm
La Perchée Moyen Modèle : 60 cm
La Perchée Petit Modèle: 50 cm


COLORS: Bespoke


MATERIALS: Zelfo, oak and painted steel


Exclusive distribution Galerie Gosserez



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