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gt2p was born in 2009 from common interests of its partners in research and experimentation related to productive processes of architecture and design and the possibility of generating them with digital media. However, they found that in Chile it is quite difficult to concentrate on digital manufacturing, because there are no adequate technological resources to do so and it is always manual intervention required on completion of a product. In fact, it created a dialogue with carpenters, potters and craftsmen.


Since then, there is a reference to local in gt2p’s work ranging from the observation of natural phenomena to production processes and local materials. This reference to the local may be at any stage of the creative-productive process, depending on the project. Currently, gt2p’s work is focused on the concept of “Digitally Handcrafting”. It is based on the implementation of digital design methodologies and the manufacturing experience and know-how of artisans. Although the concept was intended in the Chilean context, gt2p is deploying it in several locations around the world.

“great things to people” as name came up by casualty but it has also become the statement of its work related to the spread of productive and narrative possibilities of South America. "