Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Desk "Spring-Summer" Valentin Loellmann

Burned oak gallery Desk Valentin Loellmann
Desk Valentin Loellmann Desk Valentin Loellmann
Copper Desk Valentin Loellmann Copper Desk Valentin Loellmann
Copper Desk Valentin Loellmann Copper Desk Valentin Loellmann

Desk "Spring-Summer" Valentin Loellmann



Deep thoughts contemplated, important speeches composed, business contracts inked and wealth generated or lost - we trust that the surfaces of our desks remain silent. Valentin Loellmann`s new addition to the spring/summer series demands discovery. 


The clean desk has an almost leathery, pleasing surface, consisting of oak that is charred to black, then waxed and hand-polished until fine grains of oak just barely reappear.The backside surprises: almost invisible, awry metal-plated layers are welded to form a bellied body with a subtile descend into tender hammered legs. The copperered surface has a dim, sometimes green patina with dark edges and corners, where the different sheets of metal adjoin. This reverse side almost seems to resemble the frozen thoughts once contemplated at such desk. Like sheets of paper - conserved for longevity, spines of books melted to a cold continuum it contrasts the comfortable, warm top side. Only a tiny drawer interjects into the fine line where wood and metal meet. A warm and likeable inside, resting on an almost hidden, trustworthy armor of confidential history. This desk is like a silent book.


DIMENSIONS: H: 78 cm - W: 129 cm - D: 55,5 cm
Bespoke dimensions on request


MATERIALS: Oak and coppered steel with different finish possible.


Collection made in exclusivity for Galerie Gosserez




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