Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Desk "Big Boss" Piergil Fourquié

Desk Desk
Desk Desk

Desk "Big Boss" Piergil Fourquié



Drawing inspiration from architectural constructions using the cantilever principal, the lacquered metal skirt gives a solid volume on which the entire desk depends. This support contrasts with the light oak suspended top which juts out over an empty space.
The choice of material is a metaphor for a ‘sports coupe’ car: the metallic exterior reflects the immediate environment and hides the user’s legs. The refined topstitched leather interior creates a warm protective cocoon favourable to work. The elegance of the lines hides all that is to be hidden: computer cables; electric wires; drawer.



DIMENSIONS: H: 85 cm- W: 150 cm - D: 70 cm


MATERIALS: Oak, topstitched leather and metal.


COLOR: on request.


Edition Galerie Gosserez limited to 12 pieces + 1 prototype. 


The "Big Boss" desk in the magazines Série Limitée Les Echos et Résidence Décoration.


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