Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Console "Spring-Summer" Valentin Loellmann

Copper Console design Spring-Summer Valention Loellmann Galerie Gosserez

Console "Spring-Summer" Valentin Loellmann



The «Spring/Summer» collection can be seen as both a continuation and a reflection of the approach developed in the Fall/Winter collection. The collection Spring/Summer, to which new pieces is added from time to time, as this console,  consists of pieces with an oak top around which a metal body is modeled. The forged structure of the base resembles the organic forms of pieces grown to- gether, though here obtained with a cold material. The oak top is slightly bent, burned and sanded with wax, resulting in a matte, leathery finish. The electroformed copper body sculpted around the seat introduces a cool material, but radiates a warm glow that contrasts and complements the dark oak top and mirrors the season from which it sprang through its changing colors.


DIMENSIONS: H: 83 – W: 260 - D: 45 cm


MATERIALS: Coppered metal and burned oak

Collection made in exclusivity for Galerie Gosserez


Unique Piece



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