Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Console "Promenade" Eric Jourdan

contemporary console console desk
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Console "Promenade" Eric Jourdan



« I readily imagine objects like constructions, architectural objects with plateaus, pillars, openings, in short language more related to architecture, a field which fascinates me.
It is a question of construction here and especially to leave the different assemblage, piles of materials and textures ‘on view.’ Furniture is open like an open block in urbanism where each plan opens onto another invitingly. The base is not aligned throughout the structure or the rear panel. This configuration allows the viewpoint to pass through the furniture like strolling around a structure », Eric Jourdan.


DIMENSIONS: H: 100 cm - W: 100 cm - D: 30,5 cm

MATERIALS: walnut veneer and lacquered metal


Edition Galerie Gosserez limited to 12 pieces + 1 prototype.
Possibility to choose an another color.


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