Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Console- birdcage "Archibird" Gregoire de Lafforest

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Galerie Gosserez PAD Grégoire de Lafforest designer

Console- birdcage "Archibird" Gregoire de Lafforest



Archibird is a console – bird cage, in between a sculpture and a furniture.
The original idee was to design a bird cage which shape would radically renew traditional codes, and to integrate it in the furniture, by mixing it with a console. Therefore birds would be theatrelised, as if on a stage.
The glass domes are a reference to stuffed animals. They also refer to the curiosity cabinets of the past. The design main intention has been the drive for lightness, for instance the bottom part of the cage is like suspended to the steel rods (in reality it is supported by the tree branch). The legs are also shaped to achieve this aerial feeling. Its purity gives an idealized vision of nature.

Despite this sculptural look, the bird cage has all the attributes of a bird cage : it can be opened for cleaning, it has mangers and a small washing pool.


DIMENSIONS: H: 150 cm - l: 200 cm - D: 72 cm

MATERIALS: Bleached oak, stainless steel cables and glass


Unique piece


Other console bird-cage can be made on bespoke. Each piece will be different and unique.






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