Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Coffee table "Mursi" Piergil Fourquie

Pedestal table Leather by Atelier Frémy
Pedestal table Leather by Atelier Frémy Pedestal table bedside table
Set-design Anne Pericchi Draeger, picture Anne Emmanuelle Thion

Coffee table "Mursi" Piergil Fourquie




"MURSI" is a set of low tables whose base is a silvery and coloured glass bubble. The collection brings to the fore the traditional know-how and proficiency of the Nový Bor (Czech Republic) master glassblowers, experts in Bohemian crystal. The cantilever table top is a disk of metal coated in silkscreened leather with metallic pigments, thus combining the latest techniques with the most traditional of craftsmanship skills. The pattern here functions as the narrative thread, unifying the TRIBE exhibition.It is composed of a multitude of small squares, some discernible, others less so, which appear to shimmer depending on the light.


DIMENSIONS: H 30 x D 60,5 cm / H 37,5 x D 75 cm

                         H 12 x 23,62 inches / H 14,76 x 29,52 inches


MATERIALS: Silkscreened leather, blown glass





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