Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Coffee table "Exo" Gregoire de Lafforest

Coffee table, view from above Coffee table
Detail, half table, marble, structure, black patina metal Detail, wood, marble
Closeup diagonal Very closeup
View between the metal, bottom of the form in marble Coffee table Galerie Gosserez

Coffee table "Exo" Gregoire de Lafforest




The coffee table like a pressure.

It’s a game of disproportion between different scales, a light and long structure maintaining a heavy barrel of marble. Inspired by structures of amusement parks or ghost trains, the base consists of a repetition of a single module whose design serves the technical constraint to carry the 50 kg piece of marble.
Like Sol Lewitt’s works, the coffee table draws its appeal from the repetition of this basic element.


(Reference : Sol Lewitt, Cubic Construction, 1971)



DIMENSIONS: H: 36 cm - W: 165 cm - D: 72 cm


MATERIALS: European walnut, black patina metal and dark «Saint Laurent» marble


Edition Galerie Gosserez, limited to 12 pieces + 1 prototype.


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