Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Coffee Table "Black Sea" Damien Gernay

Coffee Table Coffee Table
Coffee Table Set-design Anne Pericchi Draeger, picture Anne Emmanuelle Thion

Coffee Table "Black Sea" Damien Gernay




"The coffee table Black Sea takes its inspiration from the sea, both attractive and frightening, its perpetual movement and its ever changing appearance. With this new piece I tried to capture the present moment, and to fix forever a fragment of the sea surface. Leather was the obvious material for such an endeavor: leather is alive, can be molded in any form or shape and its texture shares with water its caustic effect. The tabletop hence takes life and seems to move with the reflection of light”. Damien Gernay, designer.


DIMENSIONS:H 36 x W 70 x D 40 cm / H 14,17 - W 27,55 - D 15,74 inches

Other dimensions on request

MATERIALS: Leather, marble, steel black oxide finish


Galerie Gosserez edition
Each piece is signed and dated.



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