Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Ceiling lamp "Ursule" Elise Gabriel

Lamp design Ursule Elise Gabriel Galerie Gosserez Lamp design Ursule Elise Gabriel Galerie Gosserez
Ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamp "Ursule" Elise Gabriel


« From a single white element systematically arranged into different compositions, the Ursule project revisits the ceiling lamp and the wall lamp using china biscuit as its main material. Biscuit is used for its two of its amazing properties : its aesthetic qualities on the one hand, all in finesse and opalescence. Its technical qualities on the other hand, and in particular its strong resistance and its capacity to support an electrical circuit.

Innovation is at the heart of this project : the molded elements should carry all the technology whilst keeping their delicacy and lightness. Hence the rounded part is home to the lighting compact source, made of Leds. The hand is the support to the electrical conducting parts, whilst the hook allows the connection with the rings. Rings are in turn discretely connected through a series of leather straps, hand sewn on the Corian parts. Echoing familiar moves, one only needs to delicately lay the biscuit elements on the Corian rings to create contact. This ease of manipulation is an invitation to compose in a free and varied way these elements of light together with the structures that carry them.”, Elise Gabriel.


DIMENSIONS: H : min 120, max 160 – D : 90cm


MATERIALS: china biscuit, Corian black quarts, leather, electrical components, Leds

China biscuit realized by Craft in Limoges



Limited edition Galerie Gosserez of 12 pieces + 1 prototype.



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