Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Carpet "Concrete n 7" Marei Rei

Concrete carpet/tapestry by Studio Marei Rei

Carpet "Concrete n 7" Marei Rei


With Galerie Gosserez, Marei Rei presents a selection of unique pieces. She explores the reformulation of concrete materials and everyday objects, by reinventing properties and conventional prescriptions of use. The concrete textiles, a fusion of handcrafted weaving and concrete, spin a poly-directional, poetic language between various fields of interpretation. The placement of the carpet as a design piece interests the artist for the new physical experience of the material it generates, by using the carpets in our daily surrounding. The inversion of use and meaning allows us to use a material in opposition to its original function. Thus new functions and newly arranged qualities are being created. Heavy becomes light, solid concrete mass becomes flexible.



DIMENSIONS: L: 229 - W: 167 cm

MATERIALS: Textile concrete, handwoven wool




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