Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : Candlestick "Gravity" Jolan van der Wiel


Candlestick "Gravity" Jolan van der Wiel


The « Gravity » candle holders by Dutch designer Jolan van der Wiel are very stunning. The unusual shape of these stunning objects is obtained through the action of a strong magnetic field on a paste made of a mix of resin and iron oxides.


In a matter of minutes, the arms of the candle holder literally grow under the attraction of the magnets. Balls of spikes and needles form along the lines of the field force, giving the piece its freakish and mysterious feeling, a feeling reinforced by the choice of the black color. “This invisible and undetectable force becomes visible and solid through the object” explains Jolan van der Wiel : “the interaction between natural forces create the object, without any human intervention other than creating the circumstances of their encounter”.

An innovative process that gives way to new and unusual shapes and have recently won Jolan van der Wiel two  of the most prestigious design awards in Europe : the Berlin DMY 2012 prize, the most sought after distinction for product design in Germany, and the Cologne [D3] Contest for the 2012 Young Designer of the year. In both cases the international juries have distinguished non only the design itself, but also the remarkable innovation of the production process.



See the video of the making process: http://vimeo.com/34773498

DIMENSIONS: H: 18 cm - D of the base: 27 cm
Dimensions can change due to the magnetic process of fabrication

MATERIALS: Resin and iron oxides

COLORS: black
Other colors on request



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