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cabinet Valentin Loellmann cabinet Mr and Mme Valentin Loellmann Private Collection

Cabinet "M&Mme" Valentin Loellmann



What if pieces of furniture were part of the same family ? there would be the Mother-dressing table, the Father-cabinet, the Son-bench… Through his M&Mme project, the talented German designer Valentin Loellmann, based in Maastricht, explores the concepts of filiation and of heredity between objects. The project is intended to run for several years, so that the family extends, develops and evolves, as new pieces are added from time to time, in parallel to the designers' own life, marked and shaped by personal, social and sentimental experiences.
The red thread of the collection and its main narrative will be organised around the use of traditional craftsmanship techniques, and the recycling of ancient Dutch pieces of furniture, coated with a new polyester skin. This characteristic feature will relate to their common family DNA, whilst giving Valentin plentiful opportunities to organically grow new family branches, along with new marriages that bring new blood.
As within a real family, each piece is unique, but each one finds its place through its relation with other members of the collection and the story that connects them. Through buying one of them, or shall we say when adopting one, you will become part of the family.


DIMENSIONS: H:163 cm - W: 33 cm - D: 32 cm


MATERIALS: Hazel branches, oak, resin, fiberglass


Each piece is hand made by the designer himself


Exclusive distribution



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