Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Vhagares" Carpet Raphael & Rejean

Carpet PAD Paris Carpet Raphael & Réjean
Stoneware carpet Scales Carpet
Carpet Vhagarès copyright Aurore Batisse Stoneware carpet copyright Aurore Batisse
Céramic carpet copyright Aurore Batisse

"Vhagares" Carpet Raphael & Rejean




Always trying to bring a new perspective into their projects, R&R embrace the roles of archeologists -weavers for their latest Vhagarès project. Their latest search campaign gave a fantastic find: the Vhagares tapestry, a carpet made of scales of enameled grès stoneware each of them moulded and assembled by hand. After unearthing 568 fragments looking like the scales of a gigantic reptilian creature, they realized that they uncovered part of the fossilized skin of the mythical dragon Vhagar. This piece of reptilian armour, left by the slough of the shining and oily beast, left us imagining the sensational but dangerous beauty of the mythical animal.


SIZE:W: 195 x D: 155 cm


MATERIALS: Black enamelded stoneware.


Unique Piece





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