Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Tribe" Piergil Fourquié

Low table Mursi
4 Feb - 2 March 2016

"Tribe" Piergil Fourquié

In the collection he designed specifically for the Gosserez Art Gallery, Piergil Fourquié explores the notion of tribe, when applied to the design of everyday objects. 
If ethnology defines a tribe as “a social group made of families sharing the same origin”, for Piergil Fourquié the expression takes on a more figurative meaning and describes a group of objects and furniture sharing the same origin, that is, the same pattern. As in some Sub-Saharan African tribes, where tattoos are meant to heighten the body, here the pattern serves to magnify the objects, simple and geometrically-shaped objects like cubes or disks.


This collection also demonstrates the designer’s will to call upon the richness and excellence of craft techniques such as leather and metal silk-screening, glassblowing, glass tinting, and the polishing of the obsidian (a black stone).