Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Tandem" Numéro 111

design furniture
26th Janv - 2nd March 2013

"Tandem" Numéro 111



Following the creation of the surprising « Jean-Jean » shelf, Marie-Bérangère Gosserez invited the Numero 111 collective of designers to pursue their innovative work of confrontation of materials and volumes.The “Tandem” collection is the result of this exploration, consisting of 6 different pieces sharing a common language.  The main theme of the collection shows how the combination of contrasting blocks can result into an harmonious whole. The pieces invite us to appreciate the confrontation between carved elements and curved surfaces. The assembling of rough wood with lacquered planes collaborate to a single creation.

The idea of the Tandem collection is also to explore new shapes and typologies, though a set of hybrid objects that can be used in a variety of ways, depending of one’s imagination or needs.

The new pieces are deliberately positioned in between functionality and abstraction. In so doing, Numero 111 questions the role of objects and multiplies formal possibilities while creating a singular and personal style.


Download the exhibition's file