Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Stitched Concrete" Stool Florian Schmid

"Stitched Concrete" Stool Florian Schmid



Stitching Concrete is a project inspired by the inherent contrasts of the innovative new technology called Material Concrete Canvas. Combining the soft appearance of fabric with the stability of concrete the stools are a play of opposites and illusion. The concrete appears as pliable canvas fabric, the “fabric” has taken on the solid strength of concrete. The side stitching completes the illusion and adds a whimsical and personnal touch. The stools are made by folding fabric that’s been impregnated with cement, then drenching it in water. The cement is layered between the fabric and a PVC backing. Once soaked it can be manipulated for only a few hours before hardening. A wooden mould supports and defines the shape which is completely hardened in 24 hours. Before the total hardening has set, the edges are stitched together with brightly colored thread. 

The durability of this material makes it a perfect choice for indoors or out. Stitched Concrete stools are waterproof, UV, chemical and fire resistant and totally irresistible !

The Stitched Concrete stool was acquired by the London Design Museum and by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP).


DIMENSIONS:H:  43 cm - W: 29 cm - D: 28 cm. Dimensions can change due to the process of fabrication.

MATERIALS:  Concrete Canvas and string

COLORS: red, blue, yellow or green.



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