Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Someone's window" Photography Hee-Won Kim

"Someone's window" Photography Hee-Won Kim



"It all started from my humble wish to have a moment of inspiration with the master of the room, looking through his/her perspective. For this moment of inspiration and transcendence of time and space, I wish to share it with the viewer. The subjects whose perspective I chose to capture come from various backgrounds, but one thing they share is they are each respectable people in their own right. My works display the views from the windows of the rooms in which these people spent most of their time in. By displaying the views from the windows of these individuals, it creates a mood, atmosphere, and environment so that the viewers can experience the same desires that these individuals experienced. By attaching «Someone’s window» on the wall instead of paintings, it transports you to a differentp lace and time, or Trompe-l’oeil, and transforms the viewer’s disposition and frame of mind". Heewon Kim.



DIMENSIONS: H: 165 x W: 110 cm


Photography (by Hee Won Kim).



Each photography is a limited edition of 10.


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