Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Someone's Candle" lighting Hee-Won Kim

Someone's candle Someone's candle
Someone's candle
Someone's candle

"Someone's Candle" lighting Hee-Won Kim



DESIGNER : Hee-Won Kim

It is a lighting which burns 5 hour 17 minutes 06 seconds like real candle.

“Someone’s Candle” provides a serene and calm atmosphere on the space as lighting.

When it becomes dark, he/she could turn on the display.

It starts from lighting up the matches and burning to the end as real time. It was filmed with a 4k video with a professional videographer team.


DIMENSIONS and MATERIALS: "Someone's Candle" is filmed using a 4K camera and displayed on a 27inch LED display.


Limited edition of 10 pieces.


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