Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Seasons" : Valentin Loellmann

15th May - 13rd July 2012

"Seasons" : Valentin Loellmann


The exhibition Seasons presents two interconnected collections by Valentin Loellmann (the "Fall/Winter" collection and the new  "Spring/Summer" collection) that reflect a search for a system that depends on organic dynamism, rather than geometric dictation, aiming to open up a space where design might not only mold nature, but also be molded by it.

The collection Fall/Winter consists of furnitures with different dimensions, functions and structures. Although diverse in size and set-up, all pieces are characterized by a similar working process in which mortise-and-tenon joints are used to connect hazel branches to an oak top. A mixture of sawdust and glue is used to fill and round off these connections, resulting in an esthetic, organic form in which no sharp edges remain. The pieces are burned and treated with wax, after which the top is sanded, polished and treated with oil. The hazel branches, chosen for their strength and straightness, introduce a natural dynamic into the final structure and give each piece a distinct though recognizable character. Each piece is hand-made, marked and numbered.

Galerie Gosserez presents an exclusive preview of the Spring/Summer, which can be seen as both a continuation and a reflection of the approach developed in the Fall/Winter collection. The collection Spring/Summer, to which new pieces will be added from time to time, consists of pieces with an oak top around which a metal body is modeled. The forged structure of the base resembles the organic forms of pieces grown together, though here obtained with a cold material. The oak top is slightly bent, burned and sanded with wax, resulting in a matte, leathery finish. The electroformed copper body sculpted around the seat introduces a cool material, but radiates a warm glow that contrasts and complements the dark oak top and mirrors the season from which it sprang through its changing colors.


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