Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Pygmalion"

8th Sept - 22nd Oct 2012




This exhibition is the occasion, for Galerie Gosserez, to make a strong statement about the role it intends to play into finding new talents, promoting Paris as a place of design creativity and excellence and giving a decisive boost to the career of the most gifted representatives of the French design scene.
This show, adequately named after «Pygmalion», gives also Piergil Fourquié, an assistant to Arik Levy for 6 years, Julie Pfligersdorffer, alongside Pierre Charpin for 2 years, Thibaud Klepper, member of Patrick Norguet’s team for 4 years and Alfredo da Silva, his counterpart at Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance for 2 years, the unique opportunity to fully express their own personality and creativity in parallel with their main professional experience.

On top of the invited designers sharing a common situation alongside “star” designers, the Pygmalion show also sheds light on some of the main trends structuring contemporary French design that make the French school so desirable :

- the coming back of spontaneity and joy of life, miles away from the cold geometries of an outdated luxury

- the proximity with nature and the premiership of material, that call upon other sensations that just visual appearance (touching, intimacy, etc)

 - and always, the elegance, the balance and the harmony of … the French aesthetics.




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