Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Nour" Hanging lamp Pfligersdorffer Julie

hanging lamp design gallery lighting hanging lamp design gallery lighting
hanging lamp design gallery lighting

"Nour" Hanging lamp Pfligersdorffer Julie


Nour, in Arabic mean light. At the origin, the project was born with the idea of a suspended cage in which shall be captured a bubble of light. The cage of round shape consists in 60 threads of steel welded in their extremities by rings of metal. The superior ring welcomes a stalk which allows to suspend the cage, where as the bottom host the glass and the electric equipment of the lamp. The bubble, realized in glass is puffed inside the cage to take it’s shape there (then removed for the cooking before returning in it’s matrix). This way the glass seems to have grows inside the cage and have stopped in it’s devellopement the teps of moment. Motionless the glass suggests the before and the after. The bubble just touch the metal arches and adorned to float as in levitation in its envellope oscillating between strength and fragility. The cage and the iron bubble welded to each other made an unique piece.




MATERIALS: Lacquered steel and blown glass


Edition Galerie Gosserez limited to 12 pieces and 1 prototype.

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