Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Minotaures" Sacha Walckhoff

Minotaure Sacha Walckhoff Maison Lacroix porcelain Vista Alegre Vase porcelain Vista Alegre Sacha Walckhoff vase bull porcelain
31th Janv - 22nd Feb 2014

"Minotaures" Sacha Walckhoff



"The first time I visited the Ilhavo factory, I was immediately attracted to the "Touro Domecq", an emblematic piece by Lusitanian porcelain manufacturer, Vista Alegre. The presence of the animal, the craftsmanship of the model and the beautifully hand-painted spotted coat inspired me to think how this almost museum-worthy piece, could come alive today. I immediately had the idea to create minimalist vases in biscuit white porcelain. The bulls could appear and disappear around their cylindrical shape, expertly brought to life by the manufacturer's sculptors and painters. I wanted a slightly surrealistic effect, between reality and fantasy, an allusion to the worlds of Cocteau, Magritte and Picasso, and especially to the pre-war magazine “Minotaure" published by André Breton. I have always been fascinated by the symbolism that this mythological character represents – at once ferocious and poetic, halfway between animal instinct and human conscience. It is from this duality that the "Minotaures" collection was born".


Sacha Walckhoff, Designer