Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Light-Hearted gallantries" : Aurélie Rimbert

Trunck cabinet designer Aurélie Rimbert gallery design Gosserez
24th Nov - 12nd Janv 2013

"Light-Hearted gallantries" : Aurélie Rimbert



The French designer Aurélie Rimbert presents a collection of cabinets, sideboards, chests that is freely inspired by the universe of travel trunks. Exploring this imaginary world, the designer adorns those travel trunks-like pieces of furniture with motives that obsess her : exercise book squares, stockings diamond patterns, canvasses nail heads, Italian Renaissance coffered ceilings mouldings,…

This game plays as much with the patterns that shape and make sense of our daily lives (wefts, repetitions, geometries) than with the underlying references that each trunk carries with it (including the multiple forms of know-how and patience that are required) : what better support than trunks to undertake this motionless journey across the history of design ?

But the game doesn’t stop here. Around this idea of a trunk, Aurélie Rimbert’s family of objects also explores the never ending back and forth relationships that link the contents and their container. Like your clothes tell about who you are, her trunk-like pieces tell a story about what they hide. In their own way, they are literally envelopes, preceded by expectation and impatience.
At the limit between what is shown and what is hidden, trunks make us see, without unveiling everything. They suggest and invite further, like a furtive peep through the keyhole excites our curiosity and our desire to touch. Bento box ? Russian puppets ? They often imbricate containers, like this small bag that one can guess inside an openwork case, envelope within the envelope. Using this play between the veil and the veiled, they invite to light-hearted gallantries, to the Game of Love and Chance, to the erotic intrigue that is one facet of happiness. 
On some of these travel trunks, reviving the tradition of the Enlightenment artists and philosophers, one would like to inscribe as an epigraph : Vivi Felice. That’s also what one used to wish the bride when preparing her trousseau. However, to travel in style is an art : how to carry one’s private stuff in public ? Aurélie Rimbert’s metaphorical trunks – be they chests, boxes or sideboards – address this sophisticated need and its multiple expressions :  carry one’s treasured things, allude to one’s secret feelings, hide one’s desires.

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