Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Formes" : Eric Jourdan

02nd Feb - 07th April 2012

"Formes" : Eric Jourdan



‘At the beginning I never imagine an object or a piece of furniture as a whole, I draw a detail (an assemblage, a groove, a link...) which will lead me to another and then another ... This method is linked to the practice of drawing which creates a continuous link between all these sketches. The organisation of these forms follows later. I arrange, remove, build and assemble elements which become different pieces.

Drawing can be liberating or imprisoning; it depends on where we stop the infernal machine which consists of covering whole notebooks.

That is where your associate steps in: organising; clarifying; making you take a step back. For this exhibition the role was fulfilled by Marie-Bérangère Gosserez. Showing work in a gallery could be seen as an outlet allowing a designer to be liberated from industrial or commercial constraints, but this is not so, design does not just happen on its own without a drawing, without a gallery owner or a manufacturer…Through this exhibition, I want to show that everything will always be just exchanges, mistakes, disappointment, tension, feedback, progress and pleasure.

I do not believe in the posture of artists; it is all about co-production in our profession.’

Eric JOURDAN, février 2012.



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