Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Exo" Grégoire de Lafforest

design exhibition Grégoire de Lafforest Coffee table Round table
6th June - 26th July 2014

"Exo" Grégoire de Lafforest



The exoskeleton (meaning « outside skeleton ») is an anatomical feature that carries and protects an animal. A lot of invertebrates like insects, shellfish and molluscs, have an exoskeleton. The abdominal part of an exoskeleton is commonly named the carapace. Technical and scientific research are currently developing biomechanical or powered exoskeleton for various military, medical or industrial purposes. These are the modern versions of the medieval knights’ armours when they are made for human beings ; they can also be the skin of humanoids. Robert A. Heinlein imagined that concept of the exoskeleton in his science fiction novels.


With his new « EXO » collection, by reference to the concept of exoskeleton, that he created exclusively for the Galerie Gosserez, Grégoire de Lafforest gives the leading role to elements of furniture that are in general hidden or considered as secondary.


By making it obvious and englobing, like pre eminent, the underlying structure becomes the prime design and aesthetic element that drives the shape of the object. The accessory becomes the principal.


In order to have us question the furniture stability, its rigidity and the balance of strengths that constitute them (what bears what ?), Grégoire de Lafforest stages a visual confrontation between basic and plain volumes (cube, cylinder, sphere) and aerial and complex architectures. From this tension between complementary opposites, derives a law of balance that confers a new aesthetics to the furniture.


Innovation and classicism, noble materials and simple design, elegance without showing off, EXO is a synthesis of Grégoire de Lafforest’s personal work, that already earned him to be selected four years in a row as a VIA laureate.



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