Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Everything Flows" hanging lamp Maximilian Michaelis

"Everything Flows" hanging lamp Maximilian Michaelis




The work “Everything Flows“ deals in form and content with thoughts about transience and the fact that change is the essential characteristic of all existence. “Everything flows” is a traditional phrase by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, carrying, in all its simplicity, the meaning behind this body of work. This thought lies within all the objects, perceptible in the concept, the appearance, the material and likewise in the way the objects are created. The light is a temporarily finite function of the object, thus it obtains a special significance. Through this fact an analogy between transience and the work is established, revealing the preciousness of time to the observer. Once the illuminant´s lifecycle is over, it cannot be replaced and the object continues its existence as a sculpture enclosing the main thought. Impermanence is part of the work –the steel reveals this through the existence of rust, the cotton fabric fades and gets soiled, that way it absorbs time. Free and unforeseeable creases and flowmarks occur as a result of merging the fabric with the concrete and visualise the fluent character and the constant change which is inherent in each object.


DIMENSIONS: H: 222 x W: 29 x D: 28 cm


MATERIALS: wires and fabric.


Exclusive distribution Galerie Gosserez.

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