Gosserez Art Gallery in Paris : "Brass" Sofa Valentin Loellmann

Oak wood and brass Design Sofa
PAD Paris Sofa Wood and brass
Sofa by Valentin Loellmann Spring/Summer++ Sofa
Wood and gold

"Brass" Sofa Valentin Loellmann




Part of a continuous working process, the "Brass" pieces extend and reflect on the approach developed in the main "Spring-Summer" series. Playing with nuances and the manifold possibilities created by the combinations of materials as well as the arrangements of patches and lines, the series refinest the techniques used so far in a delicate and subtle way. The main "Spring-Summer" series consists of contemporary furniture constructed from a metal body molded with a surrounding wooden surface. The wooden facings are charred to black, then sanded and polished with wax, resulting in a soft, leathery texture. Using forging and welding techniques, patched metal bars and plates are melted into each other. Mostly plated in copper, brass or nickel, the resulting pattern of lines and transitions forms the base and gives the pieces the organic effect of being grown together. It introduces a cold material, but radiates a warm glow that contrasts with and complements the dark top.

The "Brass" pieces share the same spirit with their predecessors but are realized in a slightly different way. Aiming to create a solid metal base, which resembles organic shapes which are constructed by hand rather than being casted. Hard matter such as brass and copper is molded around a prior created shape of soft, contrasting materials such as wood, leather or resin serving as surface for sculptural furniture creations. Every piece is unique and finds its very own shape while forging and arranging brass or copper plates and stripes into a formholding an open surface. Using different welding techniques, the overlapping plates are melted into one another to become one pattern, remaining light and elegant. Reminding an animal-like appearance, this series aspires to express the feeling of pieces grown this way, displaying authenticity and personality. The "Brass" Sofa has an almost leathery, pleasing surface, consisting of oak that is charred to black, then sanded, waxed and polished until fine grains and the gold of oak just barely reappear. The solid brass base is polished and treated with wax.


SIZE: H: 79 x W: 175 x D: 85 cm


MATERIALS: Massive brass, carbonized and polished wood.


Unique Piece


Exclusive Distribution Galerie Gosserez




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